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Movement and Friction [1/1]

Title Movement and Friction [1/1]
Fandom Stargate Atlantis
Rating R
Pairing John/Elizabeth
Summary He knew she was a powerful woman, the type who would approach every aspect of life with such passion.
Warnings Adult Content
Disclaimer I do not own any of the characters in this fic, this event is just a part of my imagination
Notes: Written for sparktober using the "passion" square on the Sparky bingo card.

He gazes up at her as if she were a goddess. His eyes are wide with arousal and awe as she moves quickly. The sight of her perfect nude body rocking against him causes wordless and incoherent sounds to spill from his lips and his mouth to go completely dry. One of her hands is on his broad shoulder, holding him still. The other hand explores his body touching every inch of his hot sensitive skin.

He knew she was a powerful woman, the type who would approach every aspect of life with such passion. The power she had over him now as inflicted slow, torturous and delightful pleasure was no exception. She leans forward…he can feel her hard nipples against the skin of his chest along with some stray curls

“Say my name,” She says against his lips, her voice rough from moaning loudly in pleasure.

He is throbbing with need as she clenches her heat around his member. He moves his hands against her sides…feeling the curve of her body. Her name comes out, but it’s a quiet rasp that is barely audible. She bites his lower lip causing a soft whine to leave his lips.

“Louder John,” She growls.

His body becomes taunt. His hands grip onto her tightly as if he feared she would fly away if he let her go. His head tilts back as his eyes slammed shut. And with a final roar her name rolls loudly off his tongue as he released into her.

Tags: drabble, fandom: stargate atlantis, pairing: john/elizabeth

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